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Cognitive Hypnosis makes it easy.

                     Hypnoway is a one hour session guaranteed to help you stop smoking easily.

If in the past you have tried to stop smoking but failed miserably, we have some good news!  With my unique method anyone can stop easily provided they really want to. This method is completely different from anything else currently on the market for the following reasons.

The combination of clinical hypnosis and cognitive behavioural therapy remove the unwanted habit, followed by the application of the fairly new science of neuro linguistic programming to transfer the desire to other healthy alternatives such as exercising, healthy eating and drinking water.

Hypnoway is much more than conventional hypnosis, infact it’s completely different. Many people who have previously tried and failed with conventional hypnosis, succeed easily with Hypnoway.

My aim is not just to help you stop smoking, but also help you discover a healthier happier life.

Unlike other methods of stopping there are no unwanted side effects such as cravings, withdrawals or weight gain. In fact most people find they lose weight as their motivation to embark on a healthy new lifestyle increases. There is nothing to fear and everything to gain.

Our happy clients experience positive side effects such as weight loss, increased energy, improved health, and self-esteem, confidence and peaceful. Sleep.

Every session is personalised and factors such as your age, lifestyle, how many and how long you have smoked are taken into consideration when planning your session. The meticulous planning of each session ensures the most successful results.

Most people know that by stopping they will save several thousand pounds a year. Most people know that they could add years to their life. And most people know that if they stop smoking right now, they could save their health - before it’s too late.

So, why do people continue to smoke? With more than 20 years combined experience in dealing with the mind, both in the USA and in the UK, I have found the answer to be the same all over the world. It all comes down to one thing...FEAR.

• Fear that you'll have to give up your crutch or pleasure

• Fear that you won't be able to enjoy life or handle stress

• Fear that you will put on weight

• Fear that you'll have to go through an awful trauma to get free

• Fear that you'll never get completely free of the craving

All of these fears are just examples of one overriding fear. The one simple reason that you have not stopped smoking is that you: Fear that it is going to be too painful and too difficult!

Hypnoway Makes it Easy

In fact, this unique cessation technique makes it so easy that after only one hour you’ll leave a happy non-smoker – not feeling deprived, not feeling that you have made a sacrifice and not feeling any pain. Instead, you’ll have a huge sense of relief and elation that you have at last achieved what all smokes long to achieve, you have become a happy permanent, non-smoker.

How it works listen Now

Press Play To Listen:    How the session works and what makes it so successfull.

Press Play To Listen:    Self hypnosis STOP SMOKING/ STESS RELIEF

For more information call me now on

0845 3301367. I look forward to meeting you, Deborah


Its Never Too Late to Make A Change!     tracy

I am a 55 year old woman who had been a smoker for 37 years, smoking 30 cigarettes a day and, when in August 2003, I had to finish work due to ill health I knew I had to do something about it.

Over the years I had tried all kinds of things, ie nicotine patches, chewing gum, acupuncture, but nothing lasted more than 3 months and I was really irritable and moody. then someone recommended Hypnoway to me.

I contacted Hypnoway and booked my appointment  for December 2003. On meeting Deborah at my appointment she proceeded to put me at ease, explaining about hypnosis and asking me questions about me questions about my smoking and health. At the end of the session I knew that I was going to succeed. I felt really confident and I had a feeling of well being. I can honestly say that I found it amazingly easy to stop smoking, and I know to this day I will never smoke again.

My husband and family have been delighted with me and feel so proud - they just cannot believe that I stopped smoking without being moody and not losing my temper.

So to anyone who truly wants to stop smoking, I urge you to pick up the phone and make that call, because I can really recommend Hynoway as the easiest way to stop smoking - thank you Deborah

S Leigh
Edgeley, Stockport

I'm sending this letter to thank Deborah so much for her help. One session of hypnosis was all ot took for me to kick the horrible smoking habit that I'd had since I was 11yrs old. So it has been 19hrs that I was smoking 20+ cigarettes a day imagine what that does to your health and also how much money over the years I have plowed into abusing this horrible habit. So when I read Deborahs advert in the paper and it said just one session I jumped at the chance, and the session only lasted an hour and that was nearly twelve months ago. I now feel fitter, a lot healthier my teeth are whiter and that nasty smell off my clothes and hair, has gone. Deborah is very honest with you and you fell so relaxed when you meet, she does'nt make you feel uncomfortable in anyway and if she thinks you can't be hypnotised she will not go through with the session, which you then know you are getting value for money which I did. All I can say is THANK YOU Deborah I now have a new lease of life.

Yours faithfully

S Swarbrick 
Wakefield West Yorkshire

2nd April 2003

Dear Debbie

I am writing to thank you for helping me to give up smoking.  s_w

I had smoked for 21 years and had never tried to give up, mostly because I was scared of how hard I thought it was going to be, I felt as if I was about to give up a boyfriend of 21 years! Then I decided that because I wanted to be around to see my baby daughter grow up, my relationship with her had to take a priority over my relationship with the cigarettes and the cigarettes had to go. i was smoking an average of 20 a day.

I found the hypnosis session with you both relaxing and positive and have felt that due to the hypnosis, given up has been a lot easier than I had anticipated. it has still been up to me to make the session with you work and I still had to make some effort towards becoming a non-smoker but n0-where as much effort as I thought I would have to make.

Within three days of giving up I could both see and feel the benefits. Almost immediately I looked younger, less tired looking, less lined and my complexion looked much brighter. Mentally I felt happier, less irritable, more energetic and positive.

One of the things that I worried most about when making my decision to give up smoking was how could I enjoy myself socially without a cigarette? I am very happy to say that straight away I was able to enjoy a night out with my friends without worrying about where and when to go for a cigarette. i no longer feel dictated to by that little white stick.

I have already recommended and will continue to recommend, you to my family and friends as a means to giving up smoking and I shall always be grateful to you for your help in keeping me around longer to enjoy my beautiful little girl. Please feel free to use either all or part of this letter in order to promote the service that you provide to potential non-smokers and I wish both you and them all the best.

Once again many thanks.

Yours sincerely

Tracy Horth
Wilmslow Cheshire